About Us

Is Vortex Pluss number 1 in the world in collecting and distributing monetary donations?

We are more than a global community of mutual aid; We are a force united by the common purpose of promoting financial support and solidarity among all our members. At the heart of Vortex Pluss, we believe in the power of cooperation and each individual's innate ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our platform was meticulously developed with the highest degree of security and encryption, protecting each participant's data. From the beginning, our creators were committed to creating a fair and affordable solution for people anywhere in the world. At Vortex Pluss, transparency is our priority, and each donation is made person-to-person, without intervention.

Understand, Vortex Pluss is not just another mutual aid system. This is not a financial pyramid, nor multilevel marketing. We are a community dedicated to helping each other, in a fair and transparent way. Our goal is to facilitate the collection and distribution of donations in an organized manner, always valuing our members and collaborators.

Here, you are part of something bigger. We are the world's largest mutual aid community, and each member plays a vital role in our success. By joining Vortex Pluss, you become part of a global network of solidarity, where every contribution makes a difference in someone's life.

So join us at Vortex Pluss and be part of a community that is changing the world, one act at a time. Together, we can achieve great things and create a more supportive and bright future for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Why do people trust Vortex Pluss? Learn more about us!

Trust is the foundation of any mutual aid community, and at Vortex Pluss, this value is central to everything we do. Here are some reasons why our members trust our platform:

1. Solidarity and Shared Purpose: At Vortex Pluss, we believe in the power of solidarity and the shared purpose of helping each other. Our community is united by a genuine commitment to fostering financial and emotional support among all members.

2. Security and Privacy: The security of our members' data is an absolute priority. We implement the strictest security and encryption measures to protect each participant's personal information. At Vortex Pluss, members can trust that their information is safe and secure.

3. Transparency and Integrity: Transparency is the backbone of our platform. Each donation is made directly from person to person, without intermediaries. Our processes are transparent and accessible to all members, promoting an atmosphere of trust and integrity in all interactions.

4. Altruistic Purpose: Unlike pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing, at Vortex Pluss, our purpose is genuine and altruistic. It’s not just about personal gains, it’s about creating a positive impact on the lives of others. Our community is dedicated to helping in a fair and transparent way, always valuing the well-being of everyone involved.

5. Empowered Community: By being part of Vortex Pluss, members join a global community of solidarity. Every contribution, no matter how small, has the potential to make a significant difference in someone's life. This notion of an empowered community strengthens members' trust in the platform and the positive impact they can achieve together.

Solidarity and Shared Purpose


Security and Privacy


Transparency and Integrity